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funeral flowers

In modern Britain people are often looking to arrange a more inclusive way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has died as well as to share their grief.

We can help in preparing a dignified humanist funeral that doesn't mention religion, one that puts the life of the person concerned and not 'god' at the centre of things - and one that all your family and friends can relate to, whether they are religious or not.

It can take place at a crematorium or cemetery where readings, music, and tributes to the person who has died can all be included.

On receiving a request to conduct a non-religious funeral one of our officiants will visit the family to help them to create a ceremony to best represent the life of the person concerned. Our officiant will then write and plan the event to ensure that all of the music, readings and tributes form an appropriate celebration of the deceased person's life.

Funeral officiants in our group cover the whole of the South West Wales area.

For information on funeral ceremonies, contact Julie Norris.             Tel: 01792 538471 or email: HERE